The Valuable Lesson Taylor Lautner Learned Between ‘Twilight’ and His Rise to Fame

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Taylor Lautner’s Lesson in Self-Love Through Social Media

Taylor Lautner was catapulted to international fame at a young age through his role in the Twilight saga. However, once the phenomenon faded, he found himself struggling to come to terms with his new reality. Like everyone else, he grew up and stopped appearing in large-scale projects, causing much of his audience to forget about him. Unfortunately, when he resurfaces in the public eye, he is often met with negative, hateful comments about his appearance, resulting in him feeling discouraged.

In May, Lautner decided to take a stand against the hate by exposing the negative comments he’d received. Despite admitting that he would have let the comments deeply affect him in the past, the actor shared that he had learned to love himself regardless of the public’s opinion. According to Lautner, one’s value should lie in knowing who you are and what’s important to you, not in people’s perception of you.

In addition to advocating for self-love, Lautner is also working to eradicate the negativity on social media. He actively shares photos of himself, including those that show off his physique, without being ashamed of his receding hairline. Ultimately, he wants people to focus on kindness and positivity instead, saying, “just be kind. It’s not that hard.”

Lautner’s journey from teen heartthrob to a mature adult has taught him one thing: to love himself regardless of what others may say. He hopes to encourage others to do the same and to shift the focus from hate to positivity on social media.

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