The Value of Dollar Coins: Worth up to $11,000

By: Dan Cooper

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Get Thousands of Dollars for a Simple Dollar Coin

Getting some extra money is never a bad thing for anyone, especially when it comes to thousands of dollars in exchange for a simple one dollar coin. Coin collectors in the United States are willing to pay more than $11,000 dollars for a small dollar coin due to a minting error that occurred more than twenty years ago, specifically in 2000, during a transition period.

What Do These Dollar Coins Look Like?

This is what dollar coins worth up to $11,000 look like, according to the TikTok account, Treasure Town, dedicated to numismatics. Last December a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin sold for $11,700 through an auction at Heritage Auctions due to a simple minting error.

According to the tiktoker, in the year 2000, the Mint of The United States transitioned from Susan B. Anthony’s gray one-dollar units to Sacagawea’s gold units. However, while the change was being made, there were a small number of coins that were made in the old mold by mistake. That is, the silver Susan B. Anthony coins were made in the new mold from the Sacagawea ones, resulting in a strange series of golden units from Susan B. Anthony, causing a transition error.

“They are very unlikely to find, but it is always good to be aware of what is there in terms of transition,” says the TikToker at the end of the video.

How to Know if You Have One

Although the difference in color is the first thing to consider, you should also take into account the following characteristics of this rare coin: The date (1999) at the bottom and the face of Susan B. Anthony next to the phrase “In God We Trust”.

If you think you have one of these atypical copies in your power, we recommend you go to a specialist on the subject to avoid scams.

Don’t Miss Out on Rare Coins

Coin collecting can be a profitable hobby for those who know what to look for. As demonstrated by the rare dollar coins with minting errors, paying attention to detail and staying informed about the market can lead to significant financial gain. Don’t miss out on your chance to turn a small investment into a large payoff.

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