The Vatican warns the German Church of possible reform of the clergy

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“The ‘Synodal Way’ in Germany does not have the power to force the bishops and the faithful to assume new modes of government and new forms of doctrine and morality,” the Holy See said in a statement this Thursday (07.21.2022).

The so-called Synodal Path, to which the Vatican alludes, is a forum for dialogue in Germany that seeks formulas to overcome the crisis that the Catholic Church is experiencing, shaken by scandals of sexual abuse of minors.

The end of compulsory celibacy is one of the repeated proposals of the German Catholic laity, many of whom also ask that women have access to the priesthood.

Although the Vatican does not refer directly to this issue, it advances that “it would not be lawful” to create new forms of doctrine. The German Church confronted Rome by opening an internal reform process in that direction.

In this sense, the president of the German Episcopal Conference, Georg Bätzing, was open in February to put an end to compulsory priestly celibacy.

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