The vegan feminist who accused the roosters of raping the chickens is a prostitute of € 3,000 for a weekend

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Fanny, the leader of the animalistic collective ‘Vegan Souls’ that accused the roosters of raping the chickens, is luxury escort. At the rate de 3,000 euros on the weekend, this activist for animal rights acts as a “Sex worker”, as she herself admits in her social networks.

Under the name of Ursula, is promoted on the internet as “Very sensual and intense.” “If you want to transport yourself to a different world, full of pleasures, I am the ideal woman to lead you to it,” he adds. Make sure you have 25 years, measurements of 90-65-90, 161 centimeters in height and 55 kilos in weight. «I am available in: Girona-Costa Brava. We can meet at your hotel or in an apartment for hours. I attend gentlemen, ladies and couples. If you wish, I can also accompany you on evenings and trips ».

As during the day she is working in the «animal shelter» where she takes care of cows, goats and chickens, among other animals, Úrsula points out that «if you want to meet with me from 12 at night, call me the day before so that I can organize my schedule and thus be completely free to enjoy what I like the most: to enjoy your company ».

explanatory video

After the controversy has jumped to social networks, this woman from Catalonia who is used to lavishing herself on the media has released a statement in the form of a video. In it he explains that “they are running advertisements for my personal work” and She thus admits that she is a “sex worker.”

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vegan chickens
Promo images of Úrsula.

In any case, he maintains that he is not surprised that his double life has been revealed. I expected it to happen sometime because we have been suffering for a year or so a brutal derision towards myself and towards the animal rights group in which I am active, ”he says.

“Everybody knows”

Fanny points out that “Never ever” has “hidden” her profession of «escort». “No way. Everyone around me knows it. From the woman I bought the hay for the shrine from to the people who have come to help at the shrine. I am not airing it out there because I use social networks to do activism, “he adds.

He then uses his minute of glory to deliver a political speech against “the patriarchy.” «I take this opportunity to make visible the problem that looms over sex work. It is not recognized, it stigmatizes a lot, all people who work like this are criminalized. Regrettable that it happens in 2020. Sex work is work. In Spain it is alegal. Many colleagues are working so that it is recognized and we can have rights like any job. The rights that exist are total shit, we live in total precariousness, “he says.

He calls for “no longer stigmatizing those who freely decide to engage in prostitution.” «It is already good to follow this patriarchal system, what says is good and what is not. What we can and cannot do with our bodies. They are ours for something », he adds.

Hegemonic feminism

On the other hand, this activist charge against the feminism of Irene Montero O Carmen Calvo, who wants to kill prostitutes. «We can be feminists and sex workers. Let’s see … This hegemonic abolitionist feminism does not represent me; discriminates against many companions, it is not inclusive ». He recognizes himself as «transfeminist» and defends «whores, dykes, trans women, non-binary ones, and so on. It is a feminism that struggles to include, to add to the wonderful freedom that exists. «The real problem with all this is not what we work on: is that we have to work », ditch.

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