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The Video Game Movie Flop That Found New Life On Netflix

The Video Game Movie Flop That Found New Life On Netflix

Your experience with “Warcraft” on Netflix might vary, especially if you haven’t played the games. For newcomers, the movie comes across as a typical high fantasy narrative. It heavily relies on CGI, featuring numerous non-human characters who are fully animated through motion capture. The film’s “humans vs. orcs” storyline is a staple of the genre and doesn’t break any new ground. Essentially, you already have a good sense of what to expect.

In terms of the cast, there are some delightful surprises. Travis Fimmel takes the lead as Azeroth knight Anduin Lothar. Paula Patton co-stars as Garona, a half-orc heroine. Fans of the recent Planet of the Apes movies might recognize some familiar names among the performance-capture cast. Toby Kebbell, known for his role as Koba, plays the orc chieftain Durotan, and Terry Notary, who portrayed Rocket, supervised the motion-capture performances. Additionally, Daniel Wu from “Into the Badlands” appears in the film, and Glenn Close even makes a brief appearance.

If you are well-versed in the Warcraft games, you might find the film somewhat disappointing. It isn’t especially faithful to its source material. Although the Warcraft series had several installments before the massive success of “World of Warcraft,” the movie doesn’t delve much into the rich history or intricate lore of the games.

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