The voice of Kratos (God of War) will play Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers

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One of the many things that is remembered God of War (2018), in addition to its undeniable quality, is due to the dubbing of Kratos by Christopher Judge, who with his powerful voice made that “boy” one of the most viral aspects of that year. Well, Judge’s charisma will also come to Marvel’s Avengers, since it will also give voice to Black Panther in the next expansion starring the King of Wakanda for the Crystal Dynamics game.

A different approach to the character

And it is that this expansion with Black Panther is coming to Marvel’s Avengers, and although it is scheduled to arrive during this summer, it does not yet have a specific release date. Yes we are getting to know details of it by dropper, and after seeing an extensive trailer during the past E3 2021, Judge has dropped this news in the Entertainment Weekly medium, also ensuring that his version of the hero will be “with respect, but different” to the sadly late Chadwick Boseman, actor who plays Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“The conversations happen, and basically, I had to accept it because if I had not, my wife and children would disown me,” Judge said. In a similar vein are Even Narcisse and Hannah MacLeod, members of Crystal Dynamics, who reiterate that this approach to Black Panther will be very different from the one seen in cinemas and even comics.

“Black Panther is older and a little more wrinkled,” says MacLeod. “We will not go into the history of TChalla at the beginning. He has not just lost his father and has just become king, he has been in that role for a while,” he concludes. “Chadwick’s character was someone who still had a lot of questions about how to be king and how to be Black Panther. This version doesn’t ask those questions anymore, he thinks he already has the answers. I think one of the best things about this expansion is which is that there is tension between him and Shuri as we have not seen before “.

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As we said before, this expansion should arrive in a few weeks, but it will not be the last to arrive at Marvel’s Avengers, since from Crystal Dynamics have promised to support the game “for years“.

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