The Walking Dead: first images and official synopsis of its last season

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The Walking Dead will premiere in 2021 its season 11, a final season that will start the next August 22 and will have a total of 24 episodes; that yes, instead of dividing the season in two parts, this time it will do it in three parts of 8 episodes each one that will last until mid 2022. Thus, and despite the fact that we are facing the farewell to one of the most influential series of recent decades, we still have zombies for a while. And to celebrate them, now have the first images and the official synopsis.

The Walking Dead: final section and new spin-offs

Thus, and after the events of season 10 and the situation of an Alexandria on the brink of chaos, the usual group of survivors will have to fight for their lives and for the future of your home. This is how his official synopsis: “Alexandria is severely compromised, left a shell of the home it once was from the carnage and devastation wrought by the Whisperers. Now everyone living in Alexandria is struggling to re-fortify it and feed its ever-growing residents, including the survivors of the Kingdom and Hilltop, along with Maggie and her new group, the Vigilantes”.

“Alexandria has more people than it can handle, feed and protect. The situation is dire as the stresses of past events and self-preservation come to the surface within its ravaged walls. The protagonists must secure more food as they try to restore Alexandria before it collapses like the rest of the communities they have crossed for years. But where and how? More gaunt and hungry than ever, they must dig even deeper to find the effort and strength needed to safeguard the lives of your children, even if that means losing his own ”, points out his plot.

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Thus, and after the end of The Walking Dead and its 11 seasons, the franchise continues with its two current spin-offs (Fear The Walking Dead Y The Walking Dead: World Beyond) along with the new spin-off starring Daryl Y Carol and the anthology Tales of the Walking Dead. To all this we must add the three movies starring Rick Grimes and of which nothing is known yet.

We leave you with the first images from season 11 of The Walking Dead.

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