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The Walking Dead: who are the new villains in season 11

We are getting closer to August 22, the date on which the episodes of the last season of The Walking Dead, one of the most outstanding series of the last decade. To go thinking about what is coming, we bring you the statements of the showrunner of the program about the new villains and how they differ from those we have seen throughout history. Look what it’s about!

AMC’s fiction, based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, went through a tough 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which caused them to interrupt its broadcast. They returned in October of that year and in March 2021 they completed season 10 with bonus episodes. One of the official reports indicated that we will be in the presence of the largest installment of the show, since it will have 24 chapters in total.

The episode 16 from the last part, called “A Certain Doom”, He showed us the end of the Whisperer War, which began at the end of season 9. In addition to the battle, there we also saw Eugene, Yumiko, Princess and Ezekiel on a separate mission, to meet with Stephanie. Upon reaching the place they are surrounded by mysterious soldiers in white armor pointing weapons at them. Who are they?

In a conversation with Deadline, Angela Kang explain: “Well when we saw these Stormtrooper-type characters show up in the comic, I’m sure for some it was like waiting, who are these guys? The design is taken from a group that is prominent in the comics, and fans of the comics will recognize you as the gateway to Commonwealth history. But, for people who don’t know the comic that follows the show, I’ll just say we’re about to get into a lot more history with these folks. I’ll also say, on the Deep in this new apocalypse, I should tell you right away that this is like a very organized group, and how can you keep the white armor clean? What does that tell you in itself about these people? “.

He also added the differences with the Whisperers: “They have created these semi-automatic weapons with bayonet tips, so everything points to a very different type of group from the Whisperers, who like to commune with nature.”. Finally, he detailed: “These are people who should be behind walls and have access to things, so you know our characters will get tangled up with these guys, and we’ll go on with the story from there.”.


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