The war between Raq and ‘Nique continues in episode 5 of Raising Kanan

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Power Book III: Raising Kanan each chapter gets more complex. Is that the conflicts between the characters are increasingly noted, the secrets come to light and the betrayals, of course, too. This Sunday the series will premiere its episode 5 and it will be just one away from the end of the season. We tell you everything about what will happen in this latest installment that will be broadcast on the platform StarzPlay, your original string.

While in the previous chapter ‘Nique I set out to go against Raq, interpreted by Patina Miller, with all her tools and resources, now, the leader of the neighborhood gang South Jamaica He will defend himself to the death to save his skin and that of his son, for now, too. For that, Raquel will try to carry out a dangerous truce with the detective Malcolm Howard, interpreted by Omar Epps.

On the other hand, in the trailer, Raq tells his brother clearly: “‘Nique will hit us, we have to present our defense”. So it is she and her group will fight to be victorious, at least, in the next battle that she will have to face and, in this sense, she will seek help however it is just two episodes before the first season ends.

Will Raising Kanan have a second season on StarzPlay?

Mekai Curtis en Raising Kanan (Photo: StarzPlay)

The good news for fans of this universe is that the series created by Sascha Penn will have a second installment. In fact, the news was reported shortly before the first saw the light in mid-July. Raising Right It is the second spin-off of the successful Power series, which aired from 2014 to 2020. The first was about Tariq, the son of James St. Patrick, protagonist of the original story.

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The authors set out with Raising Right know the adolescent life of Kanan Stark, interpreted by 50 cent in Power and now for Mekai Curtis. This story also allows us to know in depth his family and especially the relationship he had with his mother Raquel Thomas. His beginnings in crime shown in the series are very important to understanding the adult Kanan. But of course, you don’t need to have seen all the previous installments to understand this spin-off.

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