The White House reacted to Nicki Minaj’s controversial tweet about virus vaccines

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On Wednesday, the famous rapper Nicki Minaj, a native of Trinidad and raised in Queens, New York, published a controversial tweet about the effectiveness of the anti-virus vaccines, which immediately generated a wave of responses of both rejection and support, and even made the White House to contact her and offer to speak to one of the Biden administration doctors by phone to clarify her doubts.

“The White House has invited me and I think it is a step in the right direction. Yes, I will go. I will be dressed in pink (…) so they know that I am serious”, wrote Minaj on her Twitter account.

However, according to informs AP, a White House official pointed out that Minaj had not been invited to the official residence of the US president, but simply offered a call with a health professional, something they have already done with other concerned people. for the vaccine, as part of a public relations campaign to combat rampant misinformation about the safety and efficacy of these drugs.

In the tweet that started the controversy, Minaj alleged that a friend of his cousin in Trinidad and Tobago “became impotent” after receiving the vaccine.

“His testicles swelled up,” the rapper explained. “He was weeks away from getting married and now the girl canceled the wedding.”

For their part, the specialists dismiss such unfounded claims and argue that they contribute to misinformation and mistrust of vaccines.

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