The Witcher: Blood Origin Announces Release Window, Presents Teaser, First Artwork

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December 17 was a date marked in the calendars of the followers of The Witcher saga. The Netflix series has finally released its second season, which is now available on the platform. What fans weren’t expecting is a gift in the form of information about the miniseries spin-off which is currently in development. The Witcher: Blood Origin prequel will be released in 2022, as revealed in the small teaser trailer published on social networks.

There are no images, not even static, of the actors in the skin of the characters. The teaser is limited to showing the official logo. However, in a later tweet, the official account of The Witcher has made public some arts, which represent maps and other iconographic elements of the fantasy saga created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

“We told you that this would be special”They have said on Twitter. Merry Witchmas to everyone! Please enjoy a first look at our prequel series, Blood Origin. “

Conjunction of Spheres

Set more than a millennium before Geralt of Rivia’s story, The Witcher: Blood Origin will recount the events leading up to the Conjunction of the Spheres, a key moment that had an impact on the world and changed it forever. Before, humans, monsters and other species lived in different universes, but what happened 1,200 ago marked the future of humanity to unsuspected limits. The series will also focus on explaining how the first warlock was created. Before normal people, then mutated humans. Only the strongest survive the process.

The Witcher: Blood Origin incorporó a su reparto a Michelle Yeoh |, the star of Star Trek: Discovery, who will play Scían, an elven and nomadic swordswoman who is also the last of her kind. Powerful and deadly, it is capable of killing its enemies in a matter of seconds.

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