The Witcher: CD Projekt thought of a character editor instead of Geralt of Rivia

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The Witchercon 2021 in charge of CD Projekt has left us a good handful of news related to the adventures of Geralt de Rivia, such as the premiere of the second season of the series produced by Netflix or the final date of its version for PS5 and Xbox Series, but also some curiosities. One of the most prominent comes from the development of the first game in the Warlock saga, whose initial idea was that in fact, it would not star the White Wolf.

And it is that the game launched in 2007 could have been very different if within the Polish study they had not changed their opinion, since according to Phillipp Weber and Blazej Augustynek, members of CD Project, Geralt de Rivia was not going to be the protagonist of it. At the beginning of it, the idea was that it was the player, as in the vast majority of RPGs of Western origin, who would create their own character, relegating Geralt to ostracism. However, the complexity of the world and the narrative already present in Andrej Sapkowski’s novels made them rethink this decision.

“For the first few years we basically tried to make it so that you could create your own warlock and explore environments, but then time after time the question was there. The game was called The Witcher, ”Weber explains. “At some point, I think everyone realized that yes, we wanted to be Geralt of Rivia, we wanted to be The Witcher.”

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As we said before, the next few months are loaded for the Brujo fans. The most immediate is the premiere of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, the anime that Netflix also produces and that will be imminent, this coming August, in fact. Meanwhile, those who have not yet enjoyed the great adventure of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, will be able to do so on the new consoles on a date yet to be determined in 2021, in a version that will include downloadable elements based on the television series.

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And since we talked about it, the story starring Henry Cavill also returns, whose premiere on Netflix is ​​already confirmed for next December, specifically on the 12th.

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