The Witcher director imagines Henry Cavill far from the Netflix series

Henry Cavill generates admiration both inside and outside the industry. The Briton has millions of fans around the world, but he also has people who idolize him for how he is in his day-to-day work. One of them is Stephen Surjik, director of The Witcher, who raved about the actor and He said he imagines it far from the series Netflix in the future. Sight!

The 61-year-old filmmaker directed the first two episodes of the second season that ended its filming in April after delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Canadian has vast experience in the environment and knows when he recognizes a different artist. That was the case when working with Cavill.

“He’s on time, he appears in his character, with his wardrobe, in his brand and knows all his lines. He knows the background of what he is doing, he knows what came before and what came after, he basically knows all the accessories that he will need. “Surjik began in statements to Brigade-Radio-One to highlight the actor.

In addition, he noted his professionalism and his ability to ask the director the right questions. “He tries to get straight to the point. Whether it is an argument, a reason for action or an opportunity for the scene to become something, he is always very clear how to get there.”, remarked

The Witcher director imagines Henry Cavill far from the series

Surjik was moved by his human warmth and even argued that this personality can make him succeed away from The Witcher and acting: “He looks at everyone, he knows everyone’s name. He knows how they’re doing, what they’re doing. If there’s someone new there, he’ll detect it and say: Who is that? What are you doing? It’s amazing. It could be a politician. “.

While Cavill never announced his intention to run, it is common for him to express his thoughts. From protectionism towards animals to expressions about gender equality. Can you imagine Henry as President?

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