The Witcher: Everything you need to know about WitcherCon

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The Witcher will carry out the WitcherCon. Here we tell you when it is celebrated and other surprising details that you should know.

After filming the new season for a year, The Witcher has finally finished filming its second installment. While they finish finalizing the last details of these new episodes, it was confirmed that an event called the WitcherCon will take place. What is it about? Know all the news below.

So far we only had two very short previews on The Witcher. The first could be seen at Geeked Week where they presented us with a teaser of Ciri; while the second came a few days ago with a new look at Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. To learn more, fans should follow the next virtual event called WitcherCon, which arises from a union between Netflix and CD Projekt RED Studio.

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What is the WitcherCon about?

WitcherCon can be seen on July 9 on YouTube and Twitch channels, both Netlix and CD Projekt RED Studio. There will be two streams here for fans to watch at different times, if they weren’t able to do so in the first place. The relationship of this event with The Wither is that fans will be able to have a conversation with Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Mimi M. Khayisa, Paul Bullion and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who will answer questions from the public and share anecdotes from the recordings of the second delivery.

In addition to knowing secrets and anecdotes, fans of the series will have to face a challenge between the minds behind the video game and the television show, where they will demonstrate their knowledge of the wide universe of The Witcher.

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That said, WitcherCon will end with Henry Cavill who will sit down at the table with moderator Josh Horowitz “to engage in a deep conversation about fantasy, fate and the broad universe of The Witcher,” says the event’s website. This event is expected to have several surprises up its sleeve, such as a trailer or a premiere date.

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