The Witcher: Henry Cavill reveals new details of the second season

The paths of The Witcher start to straighten out on the streaming service Netflix And fans already know that the second season will be available from December 17 on the platform. Its protagonist, Henry Cavill, left new details on the WitcherCon last Friday and here we bring you his statements. What will we see in the second installment?

The actor begins to focus on his new projects after being permanently fired from the role of Superman by Warner Bros. We know that the production of the adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books for the platform was complicated by the Coronavirus and the interpreter suffered an injury that it took him away from the recordings for a while.

After more than a year on set, between postponements or changes due to COVID-19, in March the end of filming was finally announced. Undoubtedly it is about one of the most anticipated programs by viewers, since until the appearance of Bridgerton it was the most watched in the history of streaming. Did you miss the trailer for season 2? Look it here!

+ Henry Cavill teased the second season of The Witcher

Henry was part of the WitcherCon and said: “On the stage of season 2, he is in Kaer Morhen, his home, among the people he knows and, in my opinion, I had to be wordy and intellectual because that’s what he is. He is not a brute. To me , it was very important to bring Geralt as close to the books as the vision and the plot allowed. “.

He also assured: “And I wanted it to be more detailed, more intellectual and more representative of a man who has lived seventy years and has a philosophical bent. He may be depressed at times, but he is also wise. He has been there.”. Cavill continuous: “He’s been around. He’s a nice guy despite having unpleasant moments and capable of extraordinary violence, but his intentions are pure. I wanted to reflect on that as much as possible.”.

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