The Witcher put Henry Cavill’s health at risk

Even though it was his role as Superman that catapulted Henry Cavill to international fame, his great performance as Geralt de Rivia in The Witcher took it even higher. Since the series is broadcast around the world thanks to Netflix, the actor does not stop adding projects to his career. Of course, on December 17th the second season of this strip will be released and he is once again the main protagonist.

But, waiting for the new chapters of The Witcher it’s getting eternal for the fans. So much so that, in the meantime, some details from the previous edition have resurfaced, such as the great sacrifices it made. Henry Cavill to star in fiction. It is that, not only did he have to film a new season in the middle of the pandemic, but he also suffered a serious hamstring injury which had him inactive for a few days.

However, this is not the worst of the anecdotes that the actor would take from the recording set. Along with the known obstacles, it should be noted that Henry endangered his health and even the future of his profession. This is because, in Andrzej Sapkowski’s books the sorcerer is described as a man “with narrow, piercing eyes, as sharp as the point of a spear”.

Henry Cavill en The Witcher. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

And while Cavill’s features have some of that, to further resemble the character, the artist was forced to wear special contact lenses to reflect that description. But, when this news was known, it was he himself who worried his fans by confessing that these lenses cause you great discomfort and you even run the risk of being affected in your vision or blind if you do not take the necessary precautions.

In that sense, Netflix was forced to hire an ophthalmology specialist to check that Henry Cavill use these appliances for as long as necessary. “The eyes are the only part of the body that receives oxygen from the air and not from the blood. So when they are covered, they do not receive oxygen, which can cause permanent damage if this happens for a long period of time.”, He explained at the time.

Henry Cavill en la temporada 1 de The Witcher. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

Henry Cavill en la temporada 1 de The Witcher. Photo Credits: (Netflix)

That is, just as he had to face strict training to The Witcher, Henry also had to undergo the consequences of an injury and take precautions to take care of his future. Undoubtedly, the role of Geralt de Rivia is the most complex of his career, but at the same time the most magnificent.

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