The Witcher Season 2 dazzles with its spectacular new trailer

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Netflix shares the new official trailer for the second season of The Witcher. Geralt de Rivia, Ciri and more characters appear on the screen in great detail. There is no shortage of moments of action, mystery and investigation. Remember that the series will premiere on the same platform next december 17.

The video, which you can see at the top of the news, arrives on the same day that his poster is made official. Ciri takes center stage with her sword arts. Along with her, Geralt and Yennefer. “Destiny is a Beast”, says the producer. Everything is ready for your debut.

What will be the first episode of the second season of The Witcher?

Last August we learned the first details of the episode that will open this new chapter of the television adaptation. A Grain of Truth will be the story chosen to continue the adventure. This was confirmed by Lauren S. Hissrich, his showrunner.

“After the first season, I thought we had lost the opportunity to finish the short stories. And instead, we were able to adapt this story and introduce Ciri to it. It is the story of a father and daughter who meet in a place that does not feel safe for them. And of course we have Nivellen, played by the incomparable Kristofer Hivju. We will be able to explore his character and his backstory with Geralt. It’s the perfect starter for season two because it’s about family; about the secrets we keep from each other and the monsters we sometimes carry inside, “he said.

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COVID-19 had a negative impact on its development. At least twice filming work was halted; the second occurred due to the positive of some members of the filming. One of them was the actor who plays Eskel, Thue Rasmussen. Fortunately everything ran its course.

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