The Witcher trailer is coming: When and how to watch WitcherCon?

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Wait comes to its end! The second season of The Witcher on Netflix It was made to be desired, but it is getting closer and closer with its new episodes. The fans had to be patient because the first part ended in December 2019 and the coronavirus pandemic delayed the entire project. With the filming finished, now they wait for the trailer that will finally arrive in a virtual event called WitcherCon. When is it and how to see it?

The remote meeting will be presented by CD Projekt Red Y Netflix because it will unite both universes. Although the organization has already warned that no new video games will be announced, all cannons point to news regarding the series. There will be behind the scenes, round tables with the participation of the main stars, expert analysis on the history, legends, monsters and the origins of the continent and the most anticipated: Season 2 previews.

When and how to watch WitcherCon?

This digital convention will be broadcast on the official channels of Youtube and Twitch both of CD Projekt Red like Netflix. It will have two retransmissions, both on Friday, July 9, 2021: the first at 14 hs and the second at 22 hs. The official website ( also clarifies that very soon it will publish the full schedule of streams so you can see it.


Will Henry Cavill be at WitcherCon?

“To close WitcherCon, fans will be able to hear Geralt of Rivia himself, Henry Cavill, who will sit at moderator Josh Horowitz’s table for an in-depth conversation about fantasy, fate and the wider universe of The Witcher. that even the White Wolf has a couple of surprises reserved up his sleeve “, is the official sale of the event on the participation of its star.

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In addition, the actors and actresses will participate in a game where they will answer the concerns of the fans. Together with the executive producer of the series, they will draw cards from an enigmatic deck with questions from fans around the world. WitcherCon promises “surprise revelations, information obtained behind the scenes and a pinch of mayhem” as long as the artists remember the filming of the second season.


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