The worst movie that won an Oscar

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The awards of The academy they’re packed with moments when moviegoers felt the winners were no better than other productions competing for Best Picture. Suffice it to cite the case of Rocky and Taxi Driver of the 70s, to understand the controversy surrounding the incredible that Martin Scorsese I have not won with such a classic. This, however, does not mean that the story of Sylvester Stallone be bad.

You can also talk about the role of 2017, when the poor Warren Beatty had to announce a winner with the wrong envelope. When everything seemed like La La Land was left with the recognition, one of the producers quickly realized the mistake and called the colleagues of Moonlight so that they would keep the recognition. One more time though Moonlight It was not a bad movie, in the environment it was believed that Damien Chazelle it would destroy its history.

Therefore, if from productions that strangely stayed with the OscarPerhaps even undeservedly, there is a case that stands out. Is about Green Book, production directed by Peter Farrelly which won Best Picture in 2018, even when competing against films like BlacKkKlansman, The Favourite, Roma And till Vice. That year, for many, Alfonso Cuaron suffered one of the largest robberies in the history of the ceremony.

Green Book focused on the trips to the south made by the pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), who had to hire a burly chauffeur to defend him from potential racist attacks. The chosen one was Tony Vallelonga, who incarnated Viggo Mortensen, and was popularly known as Tony Lip. The two actors in the film were nominated for Oscar and went But who was left with the statuette for Best Actor.

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The connection between Green Book and The Sopranos

Green Book is a story of friendship between two radically opposite people, both by class and by education, also divided by racist preconceptions of Vallelonga. The feature film is inspired by real events from a script by the son of Vallelonga, who lost his life in 2013. Although this production made him better known, there is a series in which he also stood out: The Sopranos.

In the production created by David Chase, Tony Lip had an active participation in 11 episodes in total. He was in charge of playing the mafia boss Carmine Lupertazzi, the main figure of organized crime in New York who was later succeeded by Johnny Sack. It was not the only time that the man who inspired Green Book he was in a gangster production, since years before he was chosen by Martin Scorsese to be Francesco Manzo on Goodfellas.

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