The worst so far? Memes and reactions for episode 7 of “What If …?” on Disney +

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The seventh episode of the Marvel Studios animated series arrived on Disney +, which did not leave everyone happy and some described it as the weakest of the season. Is this so?


© Disney+The worst so far? Memes and reactions for episode 7 of “What If …?” on Disney +.

Opening Wednesday for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with episode 7 of What If…? on the streaming service Disney+. In today’s installment we have a new story starring Thor, in which faces recognized by all the fans will appear, who left their sensations on the networks when they saw it and not everyone seems to have the same opinion.

This animated series of the MCU will take us to completely different realities from conventional stories, so there will be unexpected crossovers and hilarious moments for fans. “What if … Thor was an only child?”, is the name of the chapter of the date, which had the following synopsis: “Thor, who never learned to be a good hero, throws an uncontrolled intergalactic party on Earth”.

In this universe presented by The vigilant, under the voice of Jeffrey Wright, they introduce us to the God of Thunder being Odin’s only son, after he returned to Loki to Laufey when he found him after his birth. As the episode went by, we noticed that our Thor It is nothing like the one we saw in the movies, as his only passion is meeting his friends and partying on various planets.

Jane Foster y Darcy Lewis They meet him in Las Vegas, but noticing him harmless and wanting to have a good time also join in his celebration. Nevertheless, SHIELD kicks into action after noticing his strange movements and is Maria Hill who takes the reins of the case, after Nick Fury has become unconscious after a blow of Korg. The agent does not waste time and summons nothing more and nothing less than Captain Marvel.

Carol It is called as a spoilsport by the Asgardian and they start a battle that takes place in different parts of the world. Jane He opts for a less violent strategy and that is by calling his mother, Frigga, revealing to her what her son has done and they finally clean up the entire party on Earth before she arrives. Some fans estimate that there was not much action and it was boring, but they will not be able to deny that the ending with that threat similar to Ultron with the six Infinity Stones it did not generate a bit of emotion.

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