The writer of What If …? and Sony’s condition to use Spider-Man

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What If…?, the animated series that will premiere in Disney+ on August 11, it is a simple question with complex answers. What would happen if…?; The program will then revisit the known history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to modify it substantially with alternative stories and heroes who occupy places very different from the ones we are used to seeing.

Peggy Carter will be the new super soldier instead of Steve Rogers, T’Challa will be kidnapped by Yondu and will take the place of Star-Lord Y Iron Man it will be a zombie. A curious approach to MCU that critics are applauding and fans can’t wait to enjoy on the platform Disney+. One character in particular did not have an easy time being part of the project: Spider-Man.

The condition for using Spidey in What If …?

The creator of What If…?, A.C. Bradley, was well aware of the rights issues that promote a tense relationship between Marvel Studios Y Sony Pictures about the character. Let us remember that the renewal so that Spidey was part of the MCU it almost did not materialize. So the question was valid: Can we use Spider-Man in the project?

“I think I asked that from the beginning. I thought: Can we touch Spider-Man?”, the scriptwriter explained. The answer from Marvel was the following: “Don’t worry about it. Let’s figure it out. Just tell the best story you can and we’ll cross that bridge.”. Apparently the executives of the brand had blind faith in Bradley.

So, the creative got to work and wrote Zombie Hunter Spider-Man, the episode of the arachnid who will find him with the cape of Doctor Strange and without Tom Holland’s voice. From the producer they explained that in Sony They want to maintain quality content regarding the character. And that condition seemed a genius to the screenwriter.

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