the writers were concerned that the suit is very similar to that of Iron Man

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December 17 Spider-Man: No Way Home it will fill the halls of the whole world. This is indicated by the advance sale of tickets that quickly exhausted its capacity proving that Spider-Man is a global phenomenon. However, the next film starring Tom Holland comes after its writers went through a concern during trilogy. It is that the writers feared that the Peter Parker is very similar to Iron Man.

There is no doubt that the character played by Robert Downey Jr. was one of the most beloved of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But all that was further enhanced when the bond with the young Spider-Man was born. The relationship between the seasoned superhero and the teenager became a fan favorite. In the first of the tapes, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man fulfilled the role of mentor.

It was there that the role of Tom Holland began to take him as a reference. And his costumeIt even looked quite similar. That was the biggest fear of the writers of the Marvel feature film and Sony Pictures. This is how one of them said it on his personal Twitter account. Is about Jonathan Goldstein, who also worked in movies like Horrible Bosses, Burger Rain 2, Game Night and Vacation.

This member of the creative team wrote on his profile: “In the end it worked, but we were skeptical when it came to talking about the Spider-Man suit”. And I add: “We felt we were getting too close to what Iron Man had with Jarvis”. And it is that for the faithful followers of the MCU it is impossible to forget how Tony Stark could create his perfect armor with his own artificial intelligence.

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This is how Peter Parker also obtained it with the suit and his call Karen, with whom he could talk to request help with the device and, even, get rid of boredom. It is true that this is very similar to Iron Man, however, it worked as a nod to its admired reference and fans adopted it excellently well.

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