The X-Men will no longer be called that in Marvel Studios

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Marvel Studios tries to be politically correct and adapt to the new times. That’s why the X-Men will no longer have that group name.

When Disney I buy FOX, the cinematographic rights of the X-Men Y The Fantastic Four they changed to Marvel Studios, that’s why they can use those characters whenever they want. For now, there is already a movie scheduled about Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing. However, we don’t know anything about mutants.

It’s been rumored for a while now that Marvel Studios will not call the X-Men by that name so that everything is more inclusive and also to differentiate them from previous deliveries. According to Kevin Feige, the group name does not fit into your agenda diverse and progressive, that’s why they are looking for how to refer to this team of mutants.

It was precisely Victoria Alonso, an executive producer of Marvel Studios who recalled that the name of the X-Men seemed “out of phase”. Also in movies like Dark Phoenix (2019) and Deadpool 2 (2018) the issue is already discussed. So change seems inevitable, although it is the way we have known them since they made their comic book debut in 1963 by the hand of Jack Kirby Y Stan Lee.

If they change their name… What will they be called?

If the X-Men they are no longer the X-Men… What are we supposed to call them? The names that are being considered are X-Mutants, X-Team, X-People, X-Group O X-Heroes. Who knows if they will follow the Spanish comics that had the title of X-Patrol.

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As we already know Marvel Studios uses the stories from the comics, but they have no problem changing concepts and the origins of some characters. So for now they have to decide how they are introduced into the Cinematic Universe and then what they will be called. But what is clear is that everything seems ready to be the “Multiverse” the gateway for all these great heroes. Although unfortunately we will have to wait a while to see them in action.

Would you like them to change the name to the X-Men? Leave us your comments below. While they give all the official information we can review the series and movies of Marvel Studios in Disney Plus streaming platform.

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