The Xbox Series X / S controller will have a new version, which will follow in the footsteps of the PS5 DualSense

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Microsoft played it safe when it came to the design of the Xbox Series X / S controller, that’s something very few could deny. The current Xbox controller is a reflection of its predecessor with some small additions. However, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has confirmed that the company will update its controller in the future after conducting several surveys on the PS5 DualSense. In fact, the manager has already indicated that he likes the work that Sony did.

In a recent episode of Kinda Funny Gamescast, Spencer said: “We are definitely thinking of different types of devices that can take more games to more places. There will probably be some work that we will do in command. I think Sony has done a good job with their controller, we kind of looked at some of that [y pensamos] ‘Are there things we should be doing? “.

It’s no wonder Microsoft is toying with the idea of ​​upgrading its Xbox Series X / S controller as the answer to DualSense. In January, the tech giant sent a survey to owners of their 9th gen consoles asking if they would like to see any DualSense features on an Xbox controller.

The company is planning Bring the Xbox Experience to Smart TVs and StreamingWhile it reaffirms that Xbox hardware will continue to be a “flagship experience,” Spencer hints that while there will be no Xbox hardware refresh anytime soon, a roadmap for future models is not ruled out. For now, we know that Microsoft is working on a new version of the command.

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