The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could have its selfie camera under the screen

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There are many proposals that different phone manufacturers have launched in order to make a more aesthetic front. By this we mean that the notch already has its days numbered and that more and more firms choose to abandon this aesthetic detail so much in order to give the screen all the prominence it deserves. And this could be a reality in the next mobile of Xiaomi if it were the Mi Mix 4 with a camera under the screen.

The new camera under the screen of the Mi Mix 4

Taking a self-portrait with your mobile is very simple. You just point and shoot, you don’t need anything else. And it does not matter if the terminal has one or two lenses in the front section, the result is determined by the software and the capacity of the lens, at least as regards the technical section. But for mobile manufacturers it has been a challenge to find a way to remove it from the screen. With the old frames at the top and bottom it was not a necessity, but now it is the opposite.

Now we see more and more proposals that are aimed at use of technology that hides the selfie lens behind the screen, as we could see in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The terminal of the firm is one of the most curious that it has and sometimes shows the most innovative facet of the Chinese house. In this sense, one of the great novelties would be the appearance of that screen without any frame or anything that distracts more than the image in front of you. In fact, we were already talking at the beginning of this year about the patent that the Chinese company was preparing and that this same terminal would be the first to release it. It only remains to be verified in the presentation of this.

Confirmed submission date

In the tweet that we presented before there is other important information, which is none other than the presentation date of the Mi Mix 4. In addition to showing a screen without frames or the front camera, a date appears at the bottom that indicates that it will be next August 10 when we see this new Xiaomi smartphone that aims to be the most innovative so far with this and others characteristics revealed by the Chinese company.

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