The youth, Cardona and Battaglia of DT: which footballers does Boca have in a position to play against Banfield and San Lorenzo

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The youth, Cardona and Battaglia of DT: which footballers does Boca have in a position to play against Banfield and San Lorenzo

Boca it keeps piling up bad news. After its scandalous elimination from the Copa Libertadores and the conflicts in the locker room, which led to the entire squad spending the night at the police station, the Government ordered that the delegation that traveled to Brazil carry out isolation for seven days. This implies that none of the players and members of the professional coaching staff who participated in the journey at Mineirao may be present in the matches against Banfield and San Lorenzo, for the second and third dates of the local championship.

From Xeneize they want the Professional League to understand this situation and postpone these meetings, although for the moment the tournament authorities seem to remain firm. If so, the whole of the Ribera should face these meetings with 10 footballers from the reserve who did not travel to play for the Cup and complete the payroll with other kids from even smaller divisions.

The players in the available reserve are: Ramiro García, Eros Mancuso, Baltazar Bernardi, Nahuel Genez, Rodrigo Montes, Gabriel Vega, Vicente Taborda, Ezequiel Almirón, Israel Escalante and Valentín Barco, who debuted last weekend.

This team, which would be led by Sebastián Battaglia, could also be reinforced with Edwin cardona, who has already completed isolation after arriving in the country from Colombia. In addition, Russo could count on youth of the fifth division.

Did the bubble burst?

Despite the fact that the Argentine ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, had confirmed that the health bubble had not been broken “at any time” and that Conmebol issued a letter in which it was on the same page, the Government understood it differently and ordered isolation for the Boca campus.

After the incidents that resulted in eight members of the campus delayed by the Military Police, the Boca delegation spent the night inside the transfer buses, at the door of a police station, and after twelve hours returned to Buenos Aires.

As it transpired, the eight involved, five of them footballers, had to sign different papers assuming their responsibility in the violent events that occurred in the corridors of the Mineirao stadium, when they tried to reach the local dressing room, after receiving charges from their rivals for the defeat in the eighth final of the Copa Libertadores.

At that moment, the private security officers intervened, who clashed with clean fists with part of the Xeneize delegation.

The report of the Ministry of Health

The national health portfolio defined the measure after the events that occurred yesterday after the match with Atlético Mineiro.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation informs that it ordered the isolation for seven days of the Boca Juniors campus that arrived in the country today from Belo Horizonte after playing the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

The campus was isolated in the device provided by the Club for seven days according to the provisions in force for sports delegations in international events, complying with the corresponding practices under the bubble mode and without intervention or interaction from third parties, defined the health portfolio in a note that bears the signature of the Secretary of Quality of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, Arnaldo Medina.

The measure also establishes that the campus must “undergo the evaluations of the medical team for its follow-up”, while the Club will be responsible for the medical control of the members of the soccer team, “performing the PCR test on the seventh , avoiding transfers or circulation with third parties or any other social activity ”, in order to guarantee a bubble that overcomes any possible deviation.

In this sense, the norm specifies that “in the event of verifying a positive case, at the time of admission testing, it must be isolated in the device provided for that purpose by the national health authority and close contacts in the place provided by the club, also submitting the situation presented to the respective epidemiological evaluation, with the intervention of the competent health authority “.

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