TheGrefg Joins TortillaLand; these are all confirmed participants

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Tortilla Land reveals your new entrant. The popular TheGrefg will be a part of this Minecraft server from launch day. The official Twitter account has confirmed his arrival with the rest of the personalities.

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The server of Auronplay and Perxita will count on the hands of HeberonYT, one of the reference programmers for this type of servers. It will begin on August 15 and is estimated to have a duration similar to the one seen in Marbella Vice. There will also be a story with a beginning and a conclusion, so nothing is left to chance.

“Legend has it that somewhere in TortillaLand a god of death hides,” explains the official count from the server. “Whoever finds it can ask that god to kill a player forever. Your adventure will end ”. The search for that character will be key in the argument of this framework. What celebrity will say goodbye forever to his time in the lands of Tortilla? The choice will have more relevance if possible given the roles that we will see inside, that is, some characters will play as mayors of the towns scattered around the map, while others will simply follow their orders.

All confirmed participants

So far we know the 27 faces that will be part of the server. At the time of writing these lines there are three gaps that remain a real unknown.

  • Ibai
  • Thefrefg
  • Folagor
  • Mayichi
  • Zorman
  • Tanizen
  • Auronplay
  • Paracetamor
  • xTheFocusx
  • duck
  • Nia Lakshart
  • Momon
  • Play
  • Lolito
  • Laura Escanes
  • Mister Jagger
  • Deqiuv
  • Betra
  • Arigameplays
  • Axozer
  • Biyin
  • Carola
  • Genesis
  • Jacky
  • Juan Guarnizo
  • Karchez
  • Perchita
  • Determined
  • Determined
  • Determined
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