Theories and details of episode 6 of “What If …?”

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The sixth installment of What If…?, by Disney+, asks a question whose answer would modify the very center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: What would happen if Tony Stark was rescued from the Ten rings and never build the armor of Iron Man? To complicate matters even more, the one responsible for saving the millionaire is Killmonger, a villain who knows how to build a conspiracy and will prove it in the episode.

During the post-rescue press conference, they ask Tony what did he learn in Afghanistan and he answers “never travel to a place where there is no Four Seasons”. Then, Christina Everhart suggests that Killmonger knew about the attack and the soldier responds affirmatively and confirms that Obadiah Stane he was behind everything. Happy, Tony’s driver and protector, Hits Stane.

The Killmonger conspiracy

In this way, the sixth episode of What If…? echoes the events that occurred in the first movie of Iron Man and places it at Killmonger as the new great ally of Tony Stark. Pepper distrust and Rhodes, the great friend of Tony, stay alert. Together, Tony and Killmonger They will develop a special drone, The Liberator, but they will need vibranium to complete it and Eric knows where to get the precious metal.

This is where Killmonger shows all your ability to develop your conspiracy. While buying vibranium from Ulises Klaw is in charge of killing Black Panther, which appears to derail the operation, and also to Rhodey. Tony discover Eric’s intentions and suffer the same fate as the other characters. Killmonger travel to Wakanda with a very special gift: the corpse of Ulises Klaw.

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The King of Wakanda welcomes his nephew with open arms. Perhaps the loss of his son has left him vulnerable, the truth is that Shuri, with his intelligence, distrusts Killmonger. General Ross orders a massive attack on Wakanda with the Liberator drones. Killmonger allows them to pass through the city’s shields and then reactivate them. The Wakandans defeat the invading force.

So, the King of Wakanda grants Killmonger the special herb that makes it the new Black Panther. Another step in the sense of Eric’s intentions, who is convinced of his actions and will continue to fight until the end. T´Challa appears in a vision of the villain and asks if all this “it was worth itAll is not lost: Shuri visits Pepper Potts and confirms that Eric Killmonger is the enemy of both …

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