Theories and references of the fifth episode of “What If …?”

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It’s Wednesday and the new episode of the hit series has already premiered. Disney+, What If…?. The fifth installment in the series that re-imagines the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a strong bet: Avengers are converted into zombies! The first reference of the show is to Infinity War, with the return of Bruce Banner to the earth. In this case, the good doctor found the members of the Black Order ready to attack New York until they were bitten by the zombies Tony Stark, Strange y Wong.

How did the plague originate? Another reference, this time to Ant-Man 2. In the Quantum Realm, Hank Pym was reunited with Janet Van Dyne, but she had acquired a virus that transformed her into a zombie. Then he attacked Hank and together they started the plague that would transform the entire world into the undead.

Zombies have arrived in the MCU!

Spider-Man makes a video where he entertainingly lists the different rules to avoid being turned into a zombie, such as avoiding the dangerous bite of these horrible beings. Also leave some pop culture references: “New York is the home of the Mets, the Chrysler Building, and the home of the Sex and the City ladies.”

Among the survivors are Bucky, Okoye, Happy Hogan, Sharon Carter, Spider-Man, Banner and the unknown Kurt. As they escape, the manager is Happy, who gets angry because he has to do that task again. Then, the general of the Dora Milaje tells him: “I thought you were a Ubber driver”. One more reference within the fifth episode to the world of today, this time to the renowned app.

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The group discovers a sign of a SHIELD base and must take the train to the location. Then the Zombie cape and attacks Sharon. Bucky delete a Steve and recovers Captain America’s shield. Hope Van Dyne has a cut product of the confrontation with the zombie Sharon and Spider-Man tells him that “in all zombie movies what matters is faith. “

When they arrive at the base they find Vision who reveals a weakness of the zombies: they do not tolerate the Mind Stone that brings the synthetic superhero to life. They also make two discoveries: Scott Lang was cured, but it’s only one “head”. AND Scarlet Witch she’s alive, but she’s a zombie and Vision helped her survive “feeding him“. There is a parallel to WandaVision and how Wanda kept an entire town kidnapped by her lover.

El Cap zombie. Photo Credits: IMDb.

When they escape from the base, the head of Scott Lang shouts “¡Wingardium leviosa!”, a clear reference to one of the most popular spells of Harry Potter. Vision sacrifices himself and leaves him Mind Stone to the group that addresses Wakanda to solve the zombie plague. What they don’t know is that the most powerful undead of all awaits them there: ¡Thanos! We are not sure what the end of this universe is, but we dare to speculate that everyone will be turned into zombies.

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