Theories: why Berlin’s son can betray his father and La Banda

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There are only a few hours until The Money Heist release a new installment in Netflix. It’s about the first part of the fifth season, which will have its definitive end -or at least that is known for now- the December 3. Today the streaming giant released the first minutes of the series and, as expected, social networks exploded with theories and user comments.

It is that since the fiction of Alex Pina It was available online, it became a rage around the world and all its fans ask for more and more seasons. It is difficult to reinvent itself and be creative in the scripts, but the peculiarity of this series is that it achieves it and captures all those who watch the episodes. To continue extending the original story, in this part they joined new characters that already generated intrigue.

One of them is Rafael, which will be interpreted by Patrick Created and that was presented as the son of berlin. In one of the first episodes the character of Pedro Alonso remarked: “A son is a nuclear warhead that devastates everything”. And apparently that’s what the new character will do in tomorrow’s premiere. According to the advancement of the platform, this is a 31-year-old young man who has studied computer engineering at MIT in Massachusetts and has one thing very clear: he doesn’t want to be like his father.

In these first 15 minutes that the production of the series revealed on digital platforms, a reunion between Rafael and Berlin is presented. They smile and hug each other, as if they had avoided contact for a long time. In fact, The Professor’s brother explains: “Nor is it that we have had a father and son relationship”. Minutes later, he points out to his heir that he had a great relationship with his mother, but when he was born, he sAnd brought in and ruined all the plans.

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Apparently Berlin wants to involve the young man in a robbery, along with his wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez). But… could Rafael ruin the whole heist gang plan? That is undoubtedly the strongest theory that sounds about it on social networks. And it is that the fans already think that a revenge on the part of the engineer will come very soon. Despite the fact that his father has already passed away, many suggest that the character of Patrick Criado has remained resentful by the sayings of his father and will take advantage of his computer knowledge to tear down everything that the red monkey thieves have long prepared. It is a matter of hours to find out what is true in all this.

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