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What economic problems does Leonardo Aguilar have? The son of Pepe Aguilar He surprised his followers on social networks with a post that, suspiciously, he then suddenly deleted. Was it a misunderstanding? Are you really going through a financial setback?

Leonardo Aguilar, with his father Pepe and his sister Angela, gave a presentation at the Colosseum in El Paso, Texas, in the United States, as part of his tour “Jaripeo without borders”For that country. But before the day of his show, Leonardo showed his followers some activities that he was doing in the town. In one of those moments it was that his fans understood that the singer of regional mexican music he would not be having a good time with his finances.

The story you recorded in Texas It gave people talking and, although he deleted it, users registered it and uploaded it to various accounts on social networks to comment on whether, in fact, the 22 year old musician I would be in financial trouble. The truth of this post, below.

The singer Leonardo Aguilar uploaded some stories on his official account at Instagram about his hours in El Paso, Texas, before his second performance there and showed his fans that he was going to repair a hat because “there is no budget”To buy a new one.

“We are in El Paso, Texas. And we come, not to buy a new Texan because there is no budget right now to buy a Texan, but (yes to) fix the one I have “said the son of Pepe Aguilar.

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After the reactions of the fans, the brother of Angela Aguilar decided to erase the stories, leaving with the uncertainty of the followers of the Eagle Dynastyr about whether he was going through a financial problem or if his father had prohibited him from spending more than he should, among other theories.

Pepe Aguilar She has four children, who are social media and social media celebrities.

He is the son that Pepe Aguilar had with Carmen Trevillo. Emiliano has stood out for his time at the jail after being arrested for North American authorities due to an accusation of human trafficking. He is already in freedom, rehabilitated and wanting to rebuild his life.

She has not preferred to take the path of her father, but to seek her own path. And he has done so, because his hobbies are more linked to fashion and the sport. Although he is not dedicated to music, he also inherited the talent for I sing and has sung in various stages, such as Telmex Auditorium of Jalisco and the Gibson Amphitheatre of the Angels.

Ángela Aguilar, in reality, does not need introductions, because she is one of the most successful of the Aguilar family. She has followed her father’s route and has done very well to establish herself as a great exponent of Mexican regional music. Your song “Tell me how you want”Became an immediate hit.

Leonardo is also one of the heirs of Pepe Aguilar’s music. He was the first to dedicate himself to song and to go up to the scenarios since I was very young. He has been nominated for a Latin Grammy, which speaks volumes for its potential in the industry. He always shares videos, on his social networks, singing with his father and his sister Angela.

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The Mexican artist Pepe Aguilar, father of Leonardo, Emiliano and Ángela Aguilar, has married twice. First with the also singer Carmen Treviño, with whom he had Emiliano. And then with Aneliz Alvarez Alcala, with whom he has been united since 1997.

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