There is no Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV, but there is still hope

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That Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV, has entered into discussions with Microsoft is nothing new. In the past he already commented that he had spoken with the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, but for the moment those negotiations have not crystallized in a version for Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S. However, in a recent interview with Easy Allies, the creative has pointed out that this possibility continues to be a real option.

“I feel bad for always saying the same thing, but we are still in talks with Microsoft, and I think our conversations are going on a positive note. I don’t mean we don’t have an Xbox version, so I hope the time is soon right to make an informative update on the matter to the players. Sure there are many things that people want to know, although I can not uncover anything. When the time comes I am convinced that the time will come to do it ”.

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Regular meetings with Microsoft

In previous statements, Yoshida himself revealed that he has spoken with Spencer often for three and a half years. ” According to his words, visit Square Enix every six months approximately and emails are also exchanged. On the other hand, the director of Final Fantays XIV took the opportunity to recall that the situation of Xbox in the past, which was very restrictive in regards to its cross-game policy. That they finally changed that strategy is what has opened “the possibility of a relaxed dialogue.”

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With the arrival of the Endwalker expansion in a few weeks, November 24, Square Enix has celebrated the success of Final Fantasy XIV, an MMORPG that rose from its ashes and that has managed to become the most successful title in the series, with more than 24 million players around the world.

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