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“There is nothing left, it’s over”: the despair of the relatives of the only victim of the Miami collapse that still does not appear

Who knew Estelle Hedaya They say she was an outgoing woman, who loved to travel and chat with strangers. The 54-year-old New Yorker is the only victim yet to be found after the collapse of the Champlain Towers South, in Miami. And his family and friends are desperate.

Firefighters declared this Friday the end of body search in the ruins of what was the building in Surfside, after a month of work to remove layers of piled up debris.

The collapse of June 24 at the seaside complex left 97 dead, and Hedaya still needs to be found. The place was left flat for the most part and the debris was sent to a deposit. Although forensic scientists continue to work on examining the ruins, there are no longer bodies where the building used to be.

“They are going to close the support center for relatives. There is nothing left, it’s over “, regrets Lisa Shrem, Estelle’s best friend, speaking to The Washington Post. And he adds: “They’ve already dug to the ground, and the feeling is ‘Up to here we come’. There is nothing worse than that “.

IkeyEstelle’s younger brother provided DNA samples and visited the site twice to see the rescue work for himself. Up to now, nothing worked. “Now that we enter the second month alone, without any other family, we feel powerless,” he told The Associated Press.

Except for the first hours after the crash, survivors never emerged. Search crews spent weeks grappling with debris hazards, including an unstable portion of the building that was still standing, a recurring fire, and the oppressive summer heat and storms in Florida. They examined more than 13,000 tons of ruined concrete and rebar, working stone by stone, before declaring the work to be done.

The Miami-Dade firefighters search and rescue team withdrew from the scene Friday in a convoy of fire trucks and other vehicles. They drove to the barracks where there was a press conference in which it was announced that the search had officially concluded.

At the ceremony, the fire chief Alan Cominsky He praised rescuers who worked 12-hour shifts and camped at the scene.

“Obviously it is devastating. It’s obviously a difficult situation in general, ”Cominsky said. “But I couldn’t be more proud of the men and women who represent Miami-Dade firefighters,” he said.

“New Yorker who sweeps Miami”: this is how Estelle Hedaya described herself on her blog

The authorities failed to clarify whether there are still human remains that pathologists have difficulty identifying. But there is an inescapable and, at the same time, exasperating reality: Estelle Hedaya, victim number 98, still missing.

Hedaya had moved six years ago She moved to Miami to work at the Continental Buying Group jewelry company, where she served as Chief Operating Officer. I had a blog called Follow the Toes where he narrated his relationships, his travels and his daily life. There she described herself as a “New Yorker who sweeps Miami.”

“The journey has been long, but I am grateful for each and every experience that has made me the woman that I am. I have really evolved and in many ways. He had told the universe that he wanted to live in Miami, and here I am, living my dream “, wrote.

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