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There’s no turning back: Warner Bros. replaced Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck as Superman and Batman

They haven’t been easy months for DC Comics fans, even though they were finally able to enjoy Zack Snyder’s cut from Justice League. Following the film’s release in March, Warner Bros. confirmed that the director was not going to be part of any Expanded Universe projects and in the following weeks they announced that they were in search of a new Superman., thus ceasing to count on Henry Cavill. Now, they replaced the actor, as well as Ben Affleck.

It is clear that the production company is entering a new stage and begins to leave the interpreters in the past. In the case of Cavill, was fired after not being able to make a cameo as the Man of Steel in the film Shazam !, although he was being targeted after the failure of Justice League (2017). For its part, Affleck he was the one who stepped aside because of his alcoholism, he said.

When talking about Superman and batman, we take into account that they are the two most representative and recognized superheroes of DCIn addition to the fact that the last two actors who brought them to life on the big screen are considered to be the best interpreters of all the adaptations made. However, WB wants to forget them and has already replaced them. By those?

It is an advertising poster in which we observe different current figures of the DCEU, but neither Henry nor Ben are part of this notice, despite currently being the visible faces of Superman and Batman. Instead they were replaced by the older versions: Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton. This again generated a new anger in the fans and they made it known on the networks.

It is not news that this happens, if we take into account that Warner Bros. will no longer continue with the SnyderVerse and he even prohibited his actors from talking about it. Own Zack Snyder He referred to this and assured: “Warner Bros has been aggressively anti-Snyder. What can I say? They are clearly not interested in my vision. But I will also say that they certainly weren’t originally interested in my vision of the Justice League. They certainly made decisions about it. to that “.

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