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These are Amazon’s best-selling and cheapest wireless headphones – are they worth it?

On Amazon you will find an endless amount of wireless headphones, but most likely among many of your searches you decide to sort the results by price, from lowest to highest, to have a vision more in line with what you are looking for.

And that will be when you run into them, with the cheapest headphones in all of Amazon that, in addition, occupy the highest places on the list of best-selling headphones.

The question is, are they worth it?

In the first place of the list we will find these low cost wireless headphones. They are the Jecoo, and priced at $299 pesos They have been placed as the best-selling models in the entire Amazon catalog.

His proposal is very simple: completely wireless headphones that allow you to free yourself from cables in the most economical way possible.

These models play a very basic function, so you can’t expect high aspirations with them. Its sound is very normal, and you will not find more specific functions such as noise cancellation or filtering of ambient noise.

We are therefore facing some very basic models that could meet the needs of users who are not demanding with the quality of the audio or the most outstanding functions on the market. In addition, we must bear in mind that it is a model that is nothing more than a device of the type clone, since we will find identical versions marked with the name of other brands in different stores and distributors.

The latter is not especially negative, but you should understand that the technology used is not proprietary, and you will not find something that truly differentiates the product from the rest.

If you are just looking for headphones to free yourself from the cables and listen to podcasts or YouTube videos, these models will work fantastic for you, but if you want something that works more durable, that provides more quality in the sound and that has a minimum guarantee backed by a reputable manufacturer, you better go looking for other options. And those options are not necessarily much more expensive.

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