These are, so far, all the series canceled by Netflix in 2021

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One of the most important decisions of streaming services is whether you must renew a series or bet definitively and trust them to perform better. However, sometimes the questions of a continuation do not depend exclusively on audience numbers or opinions of the critics, we also have cases in which the programs are shared with outside productions and do not reach an agreement, as happened with Anne With an E at the time.

Since a few months, and especially in recent weeks, we have been notified of various cancellations by the platform Netflix. Among the most impressive for viewers we have the definitive closure of Monarca after two seasons, since it was one of the favorite programs in Latin America, although We also have mandatory finals with just a few weeks of release. If you are still not up to date, You can not miss the following list with all the series that will not have more episodes.

+ These are, so far, all the series canceled by Netflix in 2021

After the season 2 premiere, it looked like they were heading into a third part, but Netflix confirmed the ending. The public echoed the news on the networks and asked for the return, but there was no news and everything indicates that the story will be left unfinished.

Here we have a cancellation case because of production costs and not by audience number. What’s more, it is one of the most popular series, but it will culminate in its fourth season.

The show created by Chuck Lorre, who was behind Two and Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, ended with Season 3 released in May. We know that he lost one of his leads for the last few episodes, but it is believed that there was an unknown reason.

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Just four weeks after the premiere on the platform, the discontinuation was decided despite the good critics and the numbers of viewers it obtained in its first 28 days. No concrete explanation was given for this decision.

He arrived at streaming as one of the great promise, but he left without pain or glory. “Considering where we are going next, we have made the difficult decision to let our incredible cast walk out on the show as we continue to carefully develop all the realms of the Jupiter’s Legacy saga.”said Mark Millar, one of the creators of the comic on which it was based.

Same case as the last two mentioned: it had its official launch in April and soon after its cancellation was confirmed. The reason? There is no official version, but it is believed that it did not reach the minimum number of reproductions necessary.

Although it is not a Netflix original, it is a series that was broadcast as if it were its own. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NBC network had contractual problems that made it possible for it to continue and will end with four seasons.

One of the main proposals of the French terror arrived in October 2020, but soon after its end was decided. The director, Damien Couvreur, assured that they did not reach an agreement because they did not finish capturing the public’s attention.

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The Paul Rudd show confirmed its final cancellation this year, after having premiered in 2019. Viewers were asking why there was no second season, and the reason is because the actor only signed a contract for one delivery.

The animated series adapted from the novels of Laura Gallego had great controversy since its premiere. The production problems due to the selection of the voices of the characters and the negative reviews led to the mandatory ending.

In the last hours, Netflix decided to cancel four comedies at any moment. One of them is starring Katharine PcPhee as Bailey, a country singer who becomes a babysitter for a famous singer’s hymns.

After three seasons, the platform stopped having this show for not working as expected. He followed a high school teacher who helped his students reach their full potential.

Kevin James He’s one of the crowd’s favorite comedians for being a part of Adam Sandler’s movies, but that wasn’t enough. The series of the head of the technical team of a Nascar workshop that does not get along with the young people will not return.

The last one, so far, ended its story after two seasons, for the same reasons as the three previous cases. This show followed a couple of friends where one of them discovers that his faithful friend works as a dominatrix.


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