These are the 10 best universities in Colombia according to the ranking prepared by THE

Modernization and technology are important aspects that are also reflected in education in the different countries of Latin America. That is why They are constantly reinventing themselves to give a better educational quality to students.

The time of the pandemic by the coronavirus It has greatly affected the economy of several countries, including education, which has also been affected.

Despite this, the renowned firm Times Higher Education (THE) has made a ranking regarding the best from all over Latin America. This list includes 177 houses of study from all over the region.

In this list, 24 universities from Colombia. It should be noted that one more university has been added here compared to 2020.

This ranking is one of the three most important measurements in the world and its main characteristic is to focus on academic aspects such as the teaching that students receive, the research carried out by the institution, as well as its academic reputation. Issues such as positioning in the labor market have been put aside.

In the first place in all of Colombia the Universidad de los Andes is located, likewise the National University is in the 17th position in the region, while the Javeriana University has obtained the 23rd position.

The income that has surprised many people is the Technological University of Bolívar and the University of Santander (Udes) that appear on this list for the first time.

If we talk about the region, in the first 10 places are Brazilian, Chilean and Mexican universities.

For the company THE, the reputation of Latin American universities has been declining among the world academic community in recent years, despite the fact that the region has made progress in the quantity and quality of research.

Here we show you which are the 10 best universities in Colombia that are part of this important ranking.

1. University of Los Andes

Latin America rank: 13

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