These are the 3 most awarded Marvel actors

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The Avengers became Marvel’s most beloved and important superheroes. So much so that all the actors who played the different members of this group were catapulted to international fame. And, among the most loved are Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. They played Iron Man and Captain America, respectively, making the characters a hit.

The histrionics with which Robert Downey Jr faced Iron Man and the ability with which Chris Evans made Captain America were two remarkable points that made them the favorite characters. However, this did not imply that they became the most awarded members of the Marvel cast by The Academy.

While yes, they were two of the first members of the Avengers, their films were not enough to lead them to top the list of Oscar winners. Although, it should be noted that who is at the top of everything is not a single actor, but there are three. These performers are the main ones since, counting their statuettes as actors outside the MCU, they all won more than one.

Is about Cate Blanchett, who played Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, Anthony Hopkins, who portrayed Odin in all three films of Thor and finally, Mahershala Ali, the actor who voiced Blade in Spider-Man: into de spiderverse. These actors are recognized worldwide outside the franchise as they have thousands of projects on their résumé.

On the one hand, Blanchett won two statuettes, one for best supporting actress for The Aviator and another as best actress for Blue Jasmine. Then, Anthony Hopkins, won two awards for best actor, one for Silence of the Lambs and another for The Father. Finally, as for Ali, he also got two: both for best supporting actor. One for Moonlight and one for Green Book.

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