These are the combat options in Horizon Forbidden West

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Guerrilla Games has embarked on the adventure of developing the sequel to the game starring Aloy. Horizon Forbidden West is in development for PS4 and PS5, and while we wait for its release, the studio has shared some details about the long-awaited title. In addition to offering new data on the exploration, which we already collected in MeriStation, there have also been combat focused. They have done so through a new entry on the official PlayStation blog.

The study maintains that as with the displacement mode they also had to improve the design of the combats. For this they have used cool battle mechanics, new types of enemies and variants of weapons. According to Guerrilla, players now have the tools to assess the danger of a situation and approach it according to the strategy that best suits them.

Dennis Zopfi, Guerrilla Chief Combat Designer, explained how they have expanded the options with respect to Horizon Zero Dawn: “One of the central points that has influenced our decisions about combat was increase player options, so we applied it to everything: melee, weapons, outfits, abilities, and other new mechanics. We wanted the players to have more tools and depth ”, he commented.

A workbench to improve different elements

A workbench has been implemented, where it is possible to improve weapons and suits, with new perks, mod slots, abilities and other customization options, resistances and abilities. In the first installment, skills were bought and unlocked when leveling up, something that also happens in the sequel, although have completely redesigned the skill tree. “The tree skills also work in line with those that are already present in outfits or with those that must be unlocked,” he added.

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Zopfi stressed that making the “invisible systems fit inside the engine is a nice design challenge.” Refers to direct combat mechanics and indirect ones, that is, the skills, the outfits, the best and the weapon techniques. In Horizon Forbidden West, the developers made it their goal to make melee and ranged combat more closely tied to each other:

“Aloy is not a character who uses brute force, so we look for solutions for players to alternate between ranged and close combat to use their precise skills with the bow and create the most rewarding moments. . An example of a new skill is found in the Resonator blast, with which you will charge the spear with melee attacks and, once it is full, the energy can be transmitted to enemies (whether human or machine) and chained with a projectile to cause a devastating explosion! ”.

More mechanics to debut in the sequel

The waves of courage (12 in total) represent and empower a certain facet of the game. They can also be unlocked and improved (each one has three different levels): “The higher the level, the longer the charge will take, but the more powerful the attack will be.” The bar will charge faster when performing certain actions, such as hitting a vulnerable spot on the enemy.

Some enemies will ride on creatures and more. “In Horizon Zero Dawn, the machines and humans were a little loose in the fighting; They never worked as a team against Aloy. The world of Horizon Forbidden West is different. It contains more dangers, enemy factions and machines … and now they are able to fight as a group, which is a real challenge for our heroine and the players. “

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The new weapons have “a unique personality”, so they are handled differently. According to Zopfi, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so you have to know in what situation to use them. Sets an example the spike thrower, very effective against large enemies. But if you want to deal elemental damage, it might be better to use the explosive sling. “Each weapon has different advantages, types of ammunition and coil spaces to further customize them if possible. Of course, some weapons will have to be improved before you can strengthen them. “

Horizon Forbidden West will be marketed on 18th of February 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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