these are the main movie premieres for the next two weeks

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Every Friday, the billboard in Spanish cinemas is renewed with expected productions and others that are not so well known but that can be a good plan for those who want to see something different. Between this Friday and the next, more than 15 films will be released, with Venom: There Will Be Carnage as a main course and the relaunch of The Day of the Beast, from Alex de la Iglesia. Under these lines you will find all the titles that will hit theaters.

The sequel to Venom, this Friday’s main title

Venom: There Will Be Carnage (Action)

After the events of the first movie, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and the symbiote found a certain balance and a little peace to live together. However, the appearance of Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) will put everything at risk once he manages to connect with the villain of this saga, Slaughter. In addition, the strawberry of the dessert is set by one of the most important post-credit scenes in recent years.

The Good Patron (Comedy)

The film focuses on White, the owner of a factory of industrial scales who is waiting for an important visit. A commission will decide if you deserve a local award for Business Excellence, but everything has to be in top condition. As expected, not everything will turn out as he expected.

One Second (Drama)

This Chinese production focuses on a convict who is sentenced to work in a field far from everything, during the Cultural Revolution of the Asian country. Thanks to his ingenuity, he manages to escape to see his daughter, who was filmed for a movie. Along the way, he will come across a tramp who also wants the tape (for other reasons), with whom he will end up establishing a friendship.

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Pleasure (Drama)

Jessica She dreams of leaving her Swedish town and traveling to Los Angeles to become a new porn star. To do so, you will go through completely unexpected complications.

Tokyo Shaking (Drama)

Set in 2011, with one of the most important earthquakes that Tokyo suffered, the story focuses on Alexandra. Having just arrived in the country from France, he will face this nuclear crisis days after starting to work in a bank.

Two Colleagues and the Great Beast (Animation)

Knudsen and Ludvigsen they live in a tunnel without problems until they receive a letter urging them to leave under threat of eviction. Salvation may be in the hands of the grandfather of Knudsen, a pirate with a highly feared reputation. Adventure will unfold when they go on their quest to save their home.

Spain, the first globalization (Documentary)

For lovers of non-fiction comes this documentary. It focuses on the lies of a propaganda operation from the past and sheds light on the period of the Catholic Monarchs, the discovery of America, and what happened to Spain after this.

Aztarnak – Footprints (Documentary)

This documentary focuses on the first years in a person’s life and how they affect their formation, even when they are not remembered.

The Halloween sequel will arrive on Friday the 22nd

Halloween Kills (Terror)

This direct sequel to The halloween night (2018) begins minutes after Laurie Strode, his daughter Karen and her granddaughter Allyson have burned down the house with Michael within. Of course, the villain seems immortal and manages to escape the house to continue with his murder plans and will have Haddonfield face him together.

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Error Rum (Animation)

In this movie, robots are children’s new best friends. The story focuses on Barney, 11, who discovers that his robot is faulty because there were problems during delivery.

The French Chronicle (Comedy)

The latest production of Wes Anderson it was defined as a love letter to the world of journalism. It is set in an American newspaper office in a fictional 20th-century French city, with three intertwined stories.

Supernova (Drama)

The story focuses on Sam, a pianist, and Tusker, a writer, who have been together for 20 years. Like Tusker Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they began a trip to different parts of England to make the most of their time together.

Between Roses (Comedy)

Since roses are no longer in fashion, Eve he is in both personal and labor crisis. Your work depends on these flowers and a plan could become your salvation.

Who prevents it (Documentary)

The documentary focuses on the perception of adolescence and youth. The film mixes fiction and testimonies of adolescents and seeks to rethink the notions of this stage of life, now that those born in the 21st century are already of legal age.

Flag Day (Drama)

A father of a family lives a double life as a counterfeiter, bank robber and con man to support his daughter.

Save the tree (Animation)

The story of the trees and the magical beings that are born and depend on them: the elves. With the advance of urbanization, vegetation is in danger and the only way to help these creatures is by taking care of the afforestation.

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