these are the possibilities that Hilary Swank reaches Cobra Kai

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The end of 2021 came with the return of one of the most watched series on Netflix. The production that expands the saga of Karate Kid has a fifth season on the way and many are excited to see Julie again.

The Next Karate Kid was released in 1994.
© IMDbThe Next Karate Kid was released in 1994.

On December 31, it premiered on Netflix the fourth season of Cobra Kai, the martial arts series that expands the universe of Karate Kid. Starring the figures from the first film, William Zabka y Ralph Macchio, was raised as a kind of revenge for Johnny Lawrence on a path of redemption in which he tries to put aside all the bad teachings that his sensei left him, John Kreese. But it also serves to Daniel LaRusso Put aside a historical rivalry and understand that your ways are not always correct or the best.

Originally created for YouTube, Cobra Kai was acquired by Netflix, which in the third season was in charge of throwing the house out the window and hiring old figures of the franchise. This is how stars very dear to fans reappeared, such as Ali (Elisabeth Shue), Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) y Chozen (Yuji Okumoto). In this fourth season, the great hiring was that of Thomas Ian Griffith, to reprise his role as Terry Silver.

But if you ask the fans of Karate Kid what should be the ideal hiring Cobra Kai, everyone is convinced that the great absence continues to be that of Hilary Swank. The 47-year-old actress was part of the fourth film in the saga, which was the first of the entire saga that she did not star in. Ralph Macchio What Daniel LaRusso and in which he only returned Pat Morita to give life to Mr Miyagi. There, Swank it was Julie Pierce, an orphaned teenager who crosses paths with the sensei and begins training in the martial arts of the Miyagi-Do.

The producers of Cobra Kai They would have already met with Swank to add her to the next season. “All we can say about her is that we love her. Hilary Swank. We think she’s a phenomenal actress and we love her character in this franchise.”, I assure Jon Hurwitz a Fandom. “Taught him the Mr Miyagi and is someone who is important to the universe of Karate Kid. We can’t say if it will come back, we can’t say how it would come back if it does. We can say that we talked about her and maybe we have met with her, maybe we have worked with her, maybe not..

The alliance that can arise in Cobra Kai

For those who have not finished the fourth season of the series of NetflixIt’s time to stop reading to avoid spoilers. The rest will remember that this last installment concluded with a great unexpected betrayal: that of Terry Silver toward John Kreese, whom he accused so that he would be arrested by the police so that he could keep the dojo business. Taking into account that Johnny and Daniel they already worked together and it was not enough, the arrival of Jules could be as vital as that of Chozen (who makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the series), to find new techniques for the students of the Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang and thus be able to end the violence of the Cobra Kai forever.

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