These are the values ​​of the Euro Stoxx 50 that all analysts bet on buying

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Estos son los valores del Euro Stoxx 50 que todos los analistas apuestan por comprar

The company that almost no analyst would sell right now is Deutsche Telekom, since it has 24 buy recommendations out of the 26 currently issued by the consensus of analysts. The German ‘telecom’ also shows a potential revaluation of 19.2%.

Even more attractive is the Dutch technology Prosus, an internet subsidiary of the South African conglomerate Naspers, which according to analysts could revalue up to 52.75% in the next twelve months and is also one of those companies that all analysts want to have, by have 17 purchase recommendations out of the 19 issued, reports Reuters.

Deutsche Post is the third company with the highest percentage of purchase reports on the total issued with 85.7%, followed by others such as Axa with 84%, Infineon with 82.75%, Daimler with 82.75 %, Siemens with 82.14%, Enel with 80.76%, Vonovia with 80% and BNP with another 80%.

Among the companies that have a purchase percentage higher than 70%, Engie stands out, to whom analysts give a potential of 32.5%, Total to which they estimate a possible route on the stock market in the next twelve months of 17, 3% and Allianz with 10.1%.

Banco Santander is the Spanish company with the highest purchase recommendation at this time in the Euro Stoxx 50 with 68%, Iberdrola has 50%, Inditex with 40.74% and Amadeus with 34.6%.

By potential, in addition to Prosus, it is worth mentioning the figures given to Engie with 32.5%, Bayer with 29.6%, Philips with 24%, Infineon with 21.6% and Daimler with 20%, while that the shares of the Euro Stoxx 50 that have appreciated the most so far this year are ING with 45.8%, ASML with 43.5%, Volkwagen with 43%, Deutsche Post with 41%, Daimler with 35.5% and LVMH 31%.

On a technical level and in the short term, the Investment Strategies trading analyst, Carlos Gil, explains that “the European indices are clearly bullish in the long term, although like Wall Street the indices are beginning to lateralize due to European banks. We see money inflows, but I continue to trust that the US will continue to set the standard in the markets ”.

In the technical indicators of Investment Strategies, the moment Deutsche Post is going through stands out based on its trend both in the short and long term, volume and volatility. They also have an interesting chart for taking ASML, Infineon, Adyen, LVMH and L’Oréal buying positions. The technical indicators of Investment Strategies are designed for investors who want to select stocks or assets to invest with a medium-term vision.

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