These Facts About Whitney Scott Mathers Will Make You Swoon

Whitney Scott Mathers

When it comes to the rap world, Eminem has consistently been recognized among the top artists around the globe. Beyond his rapping abilities, which we are all fans of, he also comes in light as an overprotective parent. Who hasn’t heard of his battle with Machine Gun Kelly over his comments about Em’s daughter Haile, after all?

Many of us are already familiar with Halie. However, did you know that Eminem also has two other daughters? Whitney Scott Mathers, also known as Stevie, is one of them and is the youngest of the Mathers sisters.

You now know that she is also Eminem’s daughter. Did you know that Eminem adopted Stevie? Stevie, who is now 20 years old, is just as stunning as Halie. When he repaired his relationship with his long-term on-again, off-again partner Kimberly, Em brought her in.

Let us unwrap everything we know about Whitney Scott Mathers life aka Stevie!

Is Whitney Scott Mathers Eminem’s daughter?

Whitney Scott Mathers is Kim Scott and Eric Hartter’s biological kid. Kim started seeing Eric following her divorce from Eminem in 2001, and shortly after, she gave birth to Whitney.

Eminem adopted Whitney as his child. On April 16, 2002, Whitney was born in the US. After he made up with his ex-wife and her mother Kim Scott in 2005, Marshall Mathers III, better known as Eminem, adopted Whitney Scott. Whitney went to St. Joseph, Missouri, which is located in the USA.

According to several sources, Eric Hartter, Whitney’s biological father, battled drug addiction and died in 2020 at the age of 40.

Is Whitney Non-binary?

In 2021, Whitney came out as Non-binary on TikTok. This was a huge moment for the LGBTQ+ community, as Whitney is a hugely popular TikTok star with millions of followers. 

In the TikTok video, Whitney came out as non-binary and shared their pronouns (they/them). This video was met with an outpouring of support from the TikTok community, with many people thanking Whitney for their bravery in sharing their story. She has since become an outspoken advocate for the Non-binary community. 

Whitney’s brave act of coming out has inspired many others to do the same, and has helped to break down barriers and stereotypes surrounding the Non-binary community. We can all learn a lot from Whitney, and we are grateful for their courage and leadership.

Why did Eminem adopt Whitney Scott Mathers?

Eminem has been very open about his troubled relationship with his ex-wife, Kim Scott. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that he had attempted to commit suicide multiple times during their marriage. Kim has also been candid about her struggles with addiction, which led to their divorce.

Given all of this, it’s not surprising that Eminem would want to provide a stable home for his daughter, Whitney Scott Mathers. He adopted her in 2002, shortly after her birth. In an interview with Vibe, he said that he wanted to give her a “normal” life and that she was the “light of [his] life.”

Eminem has been a loving and devoted father to Whitney, and she has clearly had a positive impact on his life. In an interview with Men’s Journal, he said that she keeps him “grounded” and that he is “truly blessed” to have her in his life.

Why Is Eminem’s Daughter Going By Stevie?

Whitney Scott Mathers declares in a video they posted on their TikTok account claiming her identity as non-binary and want to be called Stevie. Since they came out in the open, publications that misgender them have appeared, upsetting Eminem’s child. 

Fans have spoken openly that they are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, yet there are still little updates on her location online.

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There are several reasons why Eminem’s daughter Whitney Scott Mathers is now going by the name Stevie. One reason may be that she wants to distance herself from her famous father. Another reason could be that she prefers the name Stevie and feels it suits her better than Whitney. 

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Whitney Scott Mathers is comfortable with her new name and is ready to start fresh with a new identity.

Is Stevie present on Instagram?

A hearty yes. Stevie has an account on Instagram, much like the majority of youngsters. They currently only have 5 posts on their Instagram account.

52k people follow them on Instagram, which is a huge fan following. On Instagram, they only have a single photo of themselves wearing glasses and a few pictures of themselves with pals.

Whitney Scott Mathers’s Relationship With Eminem

Whitney has appeared in a few of her father’s music videos and has also been mentioned in a few of his songs. While their relationship has not been without its challenges, they appear to have a close bond. In recent years, Whitney has been working on her own music career and has released a few singles. She has also appeared in a few movies and television shows.

Except for the time they made a TikTok video in which they questioned whether Eminem was their “true dad,” Stevie and Eminem’s relationship appears to remain quiet as it has in the past. Although the TikTok video was shortly removed, Stevie received additional social media attention, particularly on the app.

There were accusations that Eminem forbade his family from publishing anything about their private lives on social media. His intentions to shield his children from criticism by the media were evident, and his two adoptive daughters—who also don’t usually post on social media—shared this conviction.

However, since they don’t frequently talk about their families online, it’s unknown whether Stevie and Eminem are at odds. Fans are divided over the gravity of the TikTok video, particularly when Stevie uploaded the deleted TikTok video revealing who their birth father is. If Stevie and Eminem are at odds, the removal of the video may indicate that the matter has been resolved, or Eminem may have urged Stevie to do so in order to limit the damage the post would do online.

Interesting facts about Whitney Scott Mathers

  • She is Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott’s daughter

Whitney is the real child of Kim Scott, the ex-wife of Eminem, and Eric Harter. Eminem wed Kim in 1999, and the couple had a lovely daughter named Hailie in 1995. When Eminem discovered her having extramarital affairs with multiple guys, they got a divorce in 2001. Kim began dating tattoo artist Eric Harter soon after getting separated, and in April 2002, she gave birth to Whitney.

  • Eminem adopted Whitney in order to give her a better life

When Eminem and his ex-wife rekindled their romance in 2006, they formally adopted Whitney, however the relationship didn’t endure. Knowing Kim was unstable and drug-dependent, she was unable to care for Whitney. He wanted to adopt her in order to provide her with a better life because he was aware that she lacked a father figure in her life.

  • She changed her name and gender 

In a 2022 TikTok video, Whitney Scott declared that she had altered her name to Stevie and should henceforth be addressed as she/them. 

  • Her biological father passed away on a drug overdose

Eric Harter, Whitney’s biological father, was a tattoo artist who was sought by the authorities for dealing narcotics. He overdosed on drugs and passed away on August 22 of this year. He was never a part of Paige’s life and was nearly never seen.

  • Eminem is a wonderful father that values each of his daughters equally
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Whitney is not Eminem’s biological child, but he still adores her just as much as his other daughters. This may be inferred from his lyrics because he frequently alludes to them.   Whitney remarked in one interview that Eminem is the best parent she could have asked for, and even Kim acknowledged in one that he is an excellent father.

  • She likes animals

She enjoys spending time with her pet reptiles and regularly posts pictures of them online. Eminem is renowned for his love of animals, so perhaps it was him that inspired her.

  • She possess a close relationship with her sisters

Whitney doesn’t actually have any siblings, but she does have two sisters, Hailie and Alaina Mathers, who are the sole biological children of Eminem and his ex-wife, respectively. They are quite close even if they aren’t biological siblings.

They frequently spend time out together; in June 2018, they were spotted holding hands and having fun while seeing Eminem perform at the Governors Ball. They routinely upload adorable pictures online. Whitney looks up to Hailie and is closer to her than Alaina.

  • She is a typical, jovial, and loving youngster

Whitney enjoys traveling and hopes to visit Paris in the future. She enjoys eating Italian food and taking photographs. She has viewed the majority of Brad Pitt’s motion pictures, and Sivan Alyra Rose is her favorite actress.

This leads me to believe that despite the terrible things that have occurred to Whitney and her family, she has persevered and is developing into a stunning young woman. 

  • She is not a huge social media enthusiast

Whitney said that despite always being in the spotlight, she didn’t enjoy it. Although she dislikes the strain it brings, she is beginning to utilize it to her advantage. Although she doesn’t use social media much, she does have an Instagram account.

Additionally, Eminem makes every effort to provide her a regular existence so that she may enjoy her childhood free from speculations and scandals.

  • She aims to study science

Whitney, who is currently a high school student, is a renowned brilliant child. Despite the media asking her about her parents, she wants to be successful in whatever she decides to do. She plans to attend college and study science.

Whitney Scott Mathers Coming Out Story and Boyfriend

Whitney Scott Mathers boyfriend is still a mystery, as is a large portion of her life. A famous youngster finds it challenging to live their life without the prying eyes of the media. People are therefore curious to learn about Scott’s life, especially her dating history.

Whitney, though, is already a youngster and could fancy someone. However, as of yet, Whitney’s name hasn’t been associated with any such moniker. In actuality, Whitney is bisexual since she doesn’t necessarily like guys.

Whitney Scott Mathers: Quick Facts

Former Name Whitney Scott Mathers
Changed NameStevie Laine Mathers
Net WorthUnknown
Date of Birth2002/04/16
Marital StatusSingle
BirthplaceSt. Joseph, United States of America
Eye ColourBrown
Father’s NameEric Hartter
Mother’s NameKim Scott
Height 5 feet 3 inches(160 cm)
EducationCompleted High School from St. Joseph, Missouri, United States of America
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 feet 3 inches(160 cm)
Weight50 kg(110 lbs)
SexualityNon – Binary

Relations between Eminem and Kimberly

Eminem and Kimberly attended Lincoln high school together. When Marshall Bruce first met Kimberly Scott, she was just 13 years old. Marshall was 15 at the time.

They first connected at a friend’s party where Eminem was doing his “I’m Bad” rap over LL Cool J’s song. Kim and Eminem grew close when Kim started supporting him in that particular situation.

After some time, they developed feelings for one another and began dating. Kim, her twin sister, and his family all resided in Eminem’s home. Finally, Eminem and Kim tied nots in 1999. Nevertheless, they divorced in 2001. Their separation was brought on by Kimberly Anna Scott’s connections to a number of people. It also caused domestic violence, which forced Eminem to do time in prison.

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Furthurmore, a few months after their divorce, Kim gave birth to Whitey Scott Mathers, Eric Hartter’s daughter.

Kim and Eminem struggled for a while to stay apart. They had another marriage in January 2006. They chose to break up since something about their relationship did not work out in the end.

Unexceptional Facts Of Eminem’s Family

  • Hailie is not his only child

He adopted Alaina Marie Mathers from his then-twin wife’s sister, who was unable to raise a kid because of numerous private circumstances. Then there is Whitney Scott Mathers, who Em likewise adopted, but this time from Kim and her ex-boyfriend.

  • At a young age, Eminem’s father abandoned him at a young age

Even though Eminem rarely discusses it, he has made references to it in his music. Em was raised by his lone mother throughout his whole youth after his father abandoned them in favor of relocating to California. He as also revealed in interviews that when he was a teenager, he attempted writing letters to his dad, but each time, the letters would be returned with a “return to sender” stamp.

  • Eminem’s mother nearly died at childbirth

No one has ever heard Eminem talk about how his mother suffered to bring him into the world, despite the numerous negative things he has said about her and the reasons why he feels like she was such a horrible mother. Debbie Mathers, who was 15 years old, endured 73 hours of labor and nearly lost her life giving birth to Marshall.

  • He was sued for slander by his mother

The majority of Em’s followers are aware that his mother was the subject of numerous of his songs, and he never stated anything flattering about how she raised him. She was upset about this and filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against him. She was left with just $1,600 instead. These two made up some years later.

  • His mom abandoned him

Not just Eminem’s father, even his mother abandoned him, however temporarily. Em stated in a Rolling Stone interview that his mother would frequently vanish for protracted periods of time, leaving him in the care of his aunt and uncle. In the interview, he said that “they were my solidity.”

  • Hailie aspires to be an Instagram influencer

In a 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan, Hailie Mathers (or Scott, as she is known online), said that after receiving offers in her DMs, she considered becoming an Instagram influencer. After a year, she has graduated from Michigan State and is now a 23-year-old IG influencer. The daughter of Slim Shady has chosen a fascinating profession.

  • Whitney’s biological father was wanted by the police

Eric Hartter, the biological father of Whitney, was due in court in April to answer to criminal charges but failed to attend. Thus, a warrant for his arrest was issued by Michigan police. 

However, in an abandoned home in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Hartter was discovered dead (DOA) in August.

  • Em and Kim have been dating intermittently for years

Since they were 15 years old, Eminem and Kim have been in a relationship and known one other. It’s hard to simply allow that spark to go out after spending so much time growing closer. That explains why they have remained intermittent for so long. 

Although they had a daughter named Hailie in 1995, the two separated periodically during the years that followed. They were able to marry in 1999 when things settled down for a while, but they got divorced in 2001. In 2006, they remarried but separated a few months later.


Have you ever thought about how many folks desire fame? Of course, many people are fortunate enough to have famous parents. The public’s interest in a star’s personal life, though, may make celebrity life stressful. Whitney, the daughter of Eminem, is one such subject that has drawn attention from the general public. We really hope you find this post useful.

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