These tips from an ER doctor on what to do in a human stampede could save your life

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As more information related to the tragedy of last Friday, November 5, comes to light in the , in which a left eight people dead during the presentation of the American rapper , an emergency room doctor shared in an instructional video viral from four tips that could save your life if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

In recent years, the has accumulated a large fan base on both his TikTok () like Instagram () for his fun but educational publications. On this last event, the doctor became serious and offered four recommendations so that one can survive a human avalanche.

While suggesting that parents not allow their children to attend concerts with poor crowd control or without having a dedicated space to provide necessary medical care, Slaughter hopes that what happened at the Astroworld music festival does not make people not want to return. to attend these types of shows and that is why it offers these tips to safeguard your well-being.

One of the first questions that both Internet users and the doctor asked themselves when seeing the images and videos of the unfortunate episode recorded at the Astroworld Festival is how these people could even breathe. “Literally, your chest wall touches the back of the person in front of you and so on”, he specified in statements to the television station .

“There comes a point where, literally, your chest wall can’t expand, and if it can’t, then it won’t allow oxygen to enter.”He added, stressing that, in a situation like the one described, one cannot exhale carbon dioxide, something that is just as dangerous for our body.

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Subsequently, there is the panic that one feels when feeling that he cannot breathe. “You start to get dizzy, to feel confused”Slaughter noted, later addressing the dehydrating effect of alcohol on viewers who were drinking. Without a doubt, a bad mix that is unfortunately very common in this class of massive events.

The first piece of advice Dr. J Mack Slaughter gave in his video viral from TikTok, which to date has more than 4’000,000 views, is to raise the arms to protect the chest and have more space to breathe. “Place your arms, as if you were a boxer, and you will increase the space so that your chest wall can expand”, said the doctor.

Second, you have to fight to stay upright because if you fall, you need to make an effort to get up as quickly as possible. The best way to imagine this scenario is by visualizing the water collecting in the kitchen sink and what happens when you remove the cover from the drain.

“Outsiders do not understand what is happening. They keep pushing in. You can’t help but fall on the person below you, and if you are the one below … Ugh “said the doctor, emphasizing that when it comes to being pushed and balanced in a crowd, it is best to go with the flow and not waste energy fighting it.

“When that wave is pushing you, there is nothing you can do to stop it”Slaughter remarked. Finally, the doctor said that we must avoid being in a position in which we are pushed against a hard surface or a barrier that one cannot surround or pass under, since our ribs could be crushed, puncture our lungs and damage our column.

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