They accuse The Squid Game of misogyny

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The Squid Game has not yet finished extinguishing its flame as one of the most important sensations of Netflix. Since its premiere in mid-September, it has become one of the most watched productions in the platform’s history, at the height of fictions such as Bridgerton O The Money Heist, which were sensation in the world of streaming.

Being in the center of the scene brought problems to the production of Netflix, which was once again questioned. A few days ago, the news had to do with a lawsuit for the way in which Internet use in South Korea skyrocketed. Now, the accusation was more severe and has to do with the way in which the woman was represented.

Some viewers pointed to misogynistic aspects in the plot of The Squid Game, so the creator of the show, Hwang Dong-hyuk, he had to go out to defend himself. The first complaint had to do with how one of the characters, Han Mi Nyeo, has relationships with the bully of the participants and lends itself to this as a way to guarantee their survival. Given this, the showrunner assured: “I thought it was something a human would do when put in the worst possible scenario.”.

On the other hand, the decision to put naked bodies in VIP rooms was criticized. The statues chosen by the production were of women and this was also seen as a negative way of presenting them. Nevertheless, Hwang, He was again forceful with his defense. “It was to show those with power and to what extent they could denigrate other people. Not all paintings are women. Each VIP would have at his side a woman and a man as figures. It is not accurate to say that it is a reification of women. I used the painted bodies to show how VIPs objectify people “, he assured.

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Where is the famous doll from The Squid Game

The first challenge of The Squid Game It was one of the most replicated in networks, thanks to the giant doll that characterized it. Such was the impact it had that it even became a trend as a meme in TikTok and a developer turned it into a filter for Instagram which consists of moving forward while not looking (as in the game) through constant blinking. What perhaps not many knew, is that this doll is real.

On JTBC News revealed that the doll that was seen in the show Hwang is located in Jincheon Country. It is a city three hours from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is said that she is the guardian of Macha Land, an emblematic carriage museum of the town. His real name is Mugunghawa, as the national flower of South Korea, and measures more than three meters.

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