They are already paid for: They capture thousands of unused steel panels destined for the construction of the wall between the US and Mexico (PHOTOS)

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Thousands of steel panels, intended for the construction of the wall between Mexico and the United States, corrode while they are piled up in the city of Pharr (Texas), after the Biden Administration decided to suspend all contracts for the construction of the barrier border, report Fox News.

Images captured by drones show the large number of steel piles. “I have been told that there are more than 20,000 panels between the two places for an approximate value of 120 million dollars. They are already paid for. [por los contribuyentes]”, said in his Twitter account the journalist of the medium Bill Melugin, adding that the amount of the material in oxidation would be enough to build more than 100 miles [unos 160 kilómetros] From the wall.

In parallel, the reporter published the images of an incomplete part of the border wall in the nearby city of La Joya, which has a length of about 500 yards (more than 450 meters), allowing migrants to cross the border almost freely, he added. .

“We see these immigrants hang around there all the time. They do not do anything [la parte del muro], and the border agents here have to run left and right because migrants pass constantly, “Melugin stressed during a broadcast of the television program America’s Newsroom.

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