They are looking for an actress to play Batgirl and two more actors!

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The existence of the project has been known for a long time Batgirl, a movie that will be original content from the streaming platform HBO Max. There are already directors responsible for the film: Adil El Arbi y Billal Fallah. A screenwriter was also assigned: Christina Hodson, who has in his credits Birds of Prey y Bumblebee. Fans of Batgirl they can be happy; production is underway.

Those responsible for the film are looking for actors with particular characteristics for different roles. In this case, it is about three different profiles that can give an idea of ​​the characters that will participate in the film.

Three characters for Batgirl

First they look for Barbara Gordon. They want a 20-year-old actress to bring the film’s titular heroine to life. The second description points to an important supporting character, who is around 50 years old. Many speculate that it may be Jim Gordon.

Finally the production is oriented to a man between 50 and 60 years old to embody a “disgruntled former firefighter”. If we consider the world of graphic novels, there is a suspect: Garfield Lynns, better known as Firefly, a dangerous arsonist who faced Batman many times.

There is already a stir on the Internet:Batgirl will be part of DCEU made by Ben Affleck or will it be linked to the dark universe posed by Matt Reeves on The Batman with Robert pattinson? Both cases already have a Jim Gordon: the DCEU with J.K. Simmons Y The Batman with Jeffrey Wright. You have to wait for that answer …


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