They ask to declare Florida in housing emergency due to price spiral

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Miami, Dec 18 (EFE) .- The voices for the authorities of Florida (USA) to act against the lack of affordable housing in a state in which the real estate business is in full expansion grow, especially in order to to regulate and control increases in the prices of real estate rentals.

“More and more Florida is becoming unaffordable for Floridians due to these excessive increases in rents,” wrote this Saturday on Twitter the Democratic Representative in Congress of Florida Carlos Guillermo Smith.

Smith wrote a letter to the governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, asking him to declare the state a housing emergency and in response he received from a state spokesperson a criticism of Joe Biden’s federal government policy against COVID-19 and ” confinements “.

Buying a house or apartment in Florida is something impossible for thousands of families and the only other option, to pay a rent, also, due to the sudden and uncontrolled price increases that many owners apply and the shortage of supply.

According to the organization The Gap, in the United States last year 6.8 million affordable and available rental homes were lacking for renters with very low income, those who are at the poverty line or below, but the problem does not It is exclusive to those homes, especially in cities like Miami and Las Vegas.

On The Gap map, Florida is dark red, with just 28 rental homes per 100,000 extremely low-income people, but Nevada, with 20 homes per 100,000, is the worst of all states. of the same group.

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The others are Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Delaware. Last year the national average was 37 homes per 100,000 very low-income tenants.

Representative Smith denounced that there is “speculation” with the prices of rental housing and recalled that in Florida there are state laws that protect consumers from such abuses. “It is time that we use and apply them,” he stressed.

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