They capture Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-partner, making her own sketches of court cartoonists during a court hearing

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In social networks an image has gone viral that shows how Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-partner of the late American businessman Jeffrey Epstein, is drawing at illustrator of courts New Yorker Elizabeth Williams during a court hearing.

The strange moment was captured by the cartoonist Jane Rosenberg on November 1 at the hearing prior to the trial for sex trafficking of minors against the British ‘socialite’, who faces six charges for alleged conspiracy with the tycoon and collaboration in his abuse of girls.

Williams, whose sketch was created by the defendant, revealed this Friday to The Sun that the first thing Maxwell did when he entered the court was look at the court cartoonists. “It was like he thought no one would notice. He stared at us, and it was definitely a strange moment,” he said. “Maybe he was trying to scare us, or maybe he just missed human contact. But whatever the reason, it didn’t scare us, “he added.

The cartoonist pointed out that a similar situation occurred later. “He’s not exactly an intimidating person! The second time he did it he turned to us. It was very deliberate,” Williams said, adding that Epstein’s alleged pimp She is not the first famous defendant to try her hand at the art of the courts.. So did Charles Manson, leader of the ‘The Manson Family’ sect, who regularly drew illustrators in court, he detailed.

Maxwell’s child sex trafficking trial began Monday and is expected to last six weeks. Prosecutors allege that the woman recruited and groomed minors, including girls, for Epstein to sexually abuse them, which would have happened from 1994 to at least 2004.

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