They capture how a Texas officer immobilizes a young African-American woman to the ground and provokes outrage

Captan cómo un oficial de Texas inmoviliza en el suelo a una joven afroamericana y provoca indignación

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office in Texas faced criticism after one of its officers was caught immobilizing a young African-American woman. The incident occurred this Tuesday in the city of Forney, after the Police responded to a warning that a woman “was attempting to commit suicide” by jumping in front of moving vehicles. they report local media.

According to relatives of Nekia Trigg, 18, the incident took place while the young woman was on her way home. They detailed that he was able to call his brother before the confrontation became violent, and when they went to the scene, his relatives found a sheriff’s deputy on top of the girl, in the front yard of a house.


In a video, posted on Facebook by a woman who identified herself as Trigg’s sister, you can see how the agent, whose nameplate says ‘Martin’, immobilizes the young woman on the ground, while she struggles to get air and repeatedly states that he cannot breathe. “You can get up. You don’t have to,” a woman is heard saying to the officer, who replies, “He’s trying to jump in front of cars.” Then, with another policeman, they turn the teenager and handcuff her.

As officers escorted Trigg to a patrol car, an altercation broke out with the young woman’s mother, Antanique Ray, resulting in her arrest. She was charged with assault on a public servant and interference in public duties and was reportedly released on bail. For her part, Trigg was transferred to a mental health center for evaluation, pick up The Dallas Morning News.


Sheriff’s office spread this Friday a video, recorded by the agent’s body camera, and stated that he is aware of the publication on social networks and is investigating the incident. The officer has been Market Stall on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, Kim T. Cole, the family’s attorney, stated that they want the sheriff’s office to “examine their policies and press charges against this officer.” He noted that Trigg was “just trying to get home.” “If you thought Nekia was trying to hurt herself, throwing her on the ground and sitting on her chest was not the way to fix it,” he added.

“This maneuver is not something that the US police are trained to do. But this officer saw fit to do it,” said Dominique Alexander, president of the social justice organization Next Generation Action Network.

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